Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday Through Friday

The sky is all but melting
As light breaks free from prison
Reflecting fractions distort
Like they're bending through a prism
I am staring at a mirror
It's a window to a man
That I don't think I really know,
But try to understand
Somewhere back behind him
A voice whispers "Remember"
And fear grips cold, like raindrops
Falling down in mid-December

But it's summer where I'm standing
Hearts are light though air is not
There's a weight to the humidity
Pressing down as it gets hot
Now I look out of my window
As the morning passes by
The trees all seem to mock me
While the clouds all start to cry
Somewhere in the distance
A voice whispers "Forget"
And for the life of me
I don't know what it meant

The sun is at it's highest point
Polar opposite of me
I am only half of
What this day demands of me
A puncher's chance this could be beautiful
Smallest hope or largest dare?
No matter who we try to fool
We are the ones who are still there
Somewhere deep inside me
A voice screams "Run and hide!"
I say I will, but then I don't
I think it knows I lied

Disappearing out of sight
The way that I should go
Do all the things I'm sure are right
Limit what I know?
I made it out alive and well
Running for my life
The hands now slice the clock in two
Cut my day with a knife
Standing right in front of me
A voice say "Welcome home"
And I know where I'm at is
Better than where I am from

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