Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I was Eastern Time Zone bound
Headed back from the lost and found
When some man on the radio said, "Son, you need to learn to stand your ground."
And I'll learn to stand my ground.

I've done gone and lost my way.
I hope it'll show back up someday.
Before some man in the sky says, "Son, You need to learn to fly away."
And I'll learn to fly away.

It's some time late on Tuesday night-
Everything wrong could have turned out right
A man on the television says, "Son, you need to learn to see the light."
And I'll learn to see the light.

I make my way back home to you.
The going is slow, but I push on through.
While some man is telling me now, "Son, you need to learn to sing the blues."
And I'll learn to sing the blues.

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