Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bar Nights

sober silence scares us
so we walk into the ever
eager doors and arms
windows of opportunity
open and close with
each passing phrase or
clever quip as afterthoughts
mount and lights flash
and hearts pound out
rhythms killing silence
night defining day blending
each together inebriated
masquerades as encounters
fly and fall shine and fade
turn away each and all in turn
as the midnight oil burns and
bursts the room in flames
find each other lose ourselves
and our minds not that it matters not now
we just beg that time slows down
friends created lost sedated
never scared to buy that
which is not freely given
sacrifice on the alter of obsession
depressed but not depressing
empty never hollow
promises made lives enhanced
briefly dim lights providing shade
'til the sounds end lights steady
room slows empties sighs releases
into silence which is
no longer sober

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